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Dec 5, 2021

Spilling the Beans is back! This week, I'm sitting down with my friend and marketing consultant Q Patterson. Q, the founder of Q Consulting Services here in Charleston, works closely with small business owners to help them scale to their full potential through marketing and personal brand awareness. If you're trying to scale your business, follow Q's 3 tips for personal branding success!

Instagram: @qfitperspective
Facebook: /QFitPerspective

0:00 Meet Q
1:18 How Did You Get Into Marketing?
5:32 COVID-Induced Entrepreneurship
8:37 Entrepreneur Struggles
9:52 Three-Year Rule
12:50 Quick Break
13:08 Small Wins
13:38 Hiring Your First Employee
17:55 Viewers: Expand Your Brand RIGHT NOW!
23:54 Be Patient, Keep Marketing Your Business